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[0. Fool]

-None established-

[I. Magician]

Mibu Haruhi - He doesn't like him. He was fine just letting him be, but how smug he acted when Haru died overstepped the line. He hates him.
Rank: Broken

[II. Priestess]

-None established-

[III. Empress]

Izumi Yue - His anger fading, Shiba doesn't see Yue as much more than a lasting annoyance and memory of what happened to Haru. She's tolerable.
Rank: 1

[IV. Emperor]

-None established-

[V. Hierophant]

-None established-

[VI. Lovers]

Tsukishima Michele - STOP BEING NICE TO ME I HATE YOU!!! Okay not really, but Shiba is adamant about trying to hate Michele. Really. He totally hates him and is not tsundere at all. He is, however, the first person in SEESIT Shiba would go to by virtue of being Rosalie's brother and little more.
Rank: 3

[VII. Chariot]

-None established-

[VIII. Justice]

-None established-

[IX. Hermit]

-None established-

[X. Fortune]

-None established-

[XI. Strength]

-None established-

[XII. Hanged Man]

-None established-

[XIII. Death]

-None established-

[XIV. Temperance]

Takagawa Maiko - Despite a fading grudge, Maiko doesn't bother him to much. He doesn't have much of an opinion on her.
Rank: 1

[XV. Devil]

Kusatsu Haru - Shiba loves Haru, he almost idolizes him. There's nobody else he'd ever rather be around or talk to if he had the choice. Haru saved him, gave him a new life, and allowed him the freedom to pretty much do whatever he wanted-- and in return, Shiba did whatever Haru wanted. He was happy to learn how to fight, to maim, to kill, all for Haru's own ends, helping to develop he own skewed morals at the same time. And now, with him gone, he has no idea what to do, or where to go from here.
Rank: MAX

[XVI. Tower]

Shion Yutaka - Shiba doesn't mind Sei. Mostly he thinks he's really dumb and if he ever hurts Saburo he's going to slit his throat. Or something like that. However, after helping him rescue Saburo he respects him a little more(and feels some sort of sympathy for Sei's scars as well).
Rank: 3

[XVII. Star]

*Reversed Star Kawatake Saburo - Shiba's extremely pleased with how things with Saburo are going! He's now comfortable with the knowledge that he doesn't have to keep trying as hard as he was, because that doesn't help, and acting like he doesn't care sometimes gets more attention. He does feel protective of Saburo, because he doesn't want anybody to hurt him again, and he's happy to beat up people for him(without killing them, because Rosalie would be upset).
Rank: 4

[XVIII. Moon]

Idane Yuki - Pretty much tsuntsun at Yuki all day, every day. He's fine with doing him a few favors, because now he can get whatever he'd like from Yuki in return. The apology helped, and he did feel a bit bad for making fun of his house when it burned down.
Rank: 2

Fukui Michi - He didn't know her well, but from his time in SEESIT he knows he doesn't like her blatant disregard for everyone around her. Like Haruhi, she seemed too smug following Haru's death for him to like her, so he doesn't He hates her as well.
Rank: Broken

[XIX. Sun]

Sakigami Rin - You're weird. So weird. All the weird and why are you reading my mind this is so uncomfortable ;_; ...Besides that, Rin is nice. He's okay.
Rank: 2

Tsukishima Rosalie - Shiba loves Rosalie; whether platonically or romantically, it doesn't matter, because his worries and wants are all the same. He wants her to be safe and happy; and if there's something compromising her safety, he will not hesitate to destroy the cause of it if at all possible. However, her presence has had a gentling effect on him-- he's no longer so quick to fight or kill for fear of worrying her or rousing her anger. But he's completely fine with this.
Rank: 5

[XX. Judgement]

-None established-

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